View below answers to commonly asked questions about used forklifts

1. Are your Used Forklifts in good condition, are they well maintained and serviced?

Yes, absolutely. All our reconditioned Forklifts are clean, we check the forklift engine, transmission, wheel base, running gear and all forklift safety components. Many of our Used Forklifts receive a complete paint job where the old paint is sanded back to the metal then sealed and resprayed.

2. Can I finance a Forklift with your company?

Yes, we work with finance brokers to help you get finance for your new reconditioned Forklift. For more information about forklift finance tel:0412 653 765

3. Do you have an insurance broker where i can insure my Forklift?

Your forklift finance will be able to assist you with your insurance, but generally Forklifts should be part of your content insurance within your warehouse. Make sure to check your warehouse insurance.

4. Do you have Forklifts that run Diesel/LPG/Petrol/Electric?

Yes, we provide all makes and models of Diesel/LPG/Petrol/Electric Forklifts. You can browse our online used forklift catalogue for the largest range of used forklifts Melbourne or tel:0412 653 765 and speak to our friendly staff.

5. Do you supply forklift attachments and lifting equipment?

Yes, we supply all the necessary attachments and equipment that you will need when using your Forklift. Forklift Parts include:

  • forklift mast
  • forklift side shifts
  • forklift tynes, fork tynes (forklift tines)
  • forklift tyres
  • forklift seats
  • and other forklift parts

6. What are your trading hours?

We are open Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

7. Can we call your mobile phone in case of an emergency break down?

What is your emergency contact number? Yes, you certainly can. You can call us on 0412 653 765 in the event of a forklift emergency break down.

8. Where do we go to service our Forklift?

You can come on down to our Display and Maintenance Centre at 419 Blackshaws Road, North Altona, for your forklift service. Our friendly technicians will assist you in any way you need for forklift repairs and forklift parts.

9. Where can I inspect your range of second-hand Forklifts?

Our Display and Maintenance Centre has a huge range of our second-hand Forklifts, which you can come and inspect. You can also view the range on our online catalog of used forklifts for sale.

10. What distinguishes WF Gordon Forklifts from the rest of the Used Forklift dealers in Melbourne?

WF Gordon Forklifts guarantees that when you deal with our company you will receive the best in reconditioned and second-hand Forklifts. We promise to provide you with the specifications and necessities you need at a high standard, along with friendly and helpful customer service.

11. Do you provide mobile forklift mechanics for remote Forklift service calls?

Yes, we have got a fleet of mobile mechanic trucks with all the equipment to repair or service your Forklifts on site at your location. Call on tel:0412 653 765 for forklift service.

12. Do you have Rough terrain forklifts?

Yes WF Gordon have a huge range of used second hand rough terrain forklifts. Also known as ‘all terrain’ forklifts, rough terrain forklifts come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Wf Gordon can recommend the ideal solution for your work situation. When an ordinary forklift just won’t do: building sites, basements and low-clearance areas, rough or wet terrain, in these situations, rough terrain forklifts are ideal and can ease the workload and get you on target.

Telescopic tough terrain forklifts are suited to building sites, being able to lift loads to upper stories of buildings and capable of carrying sand and rubbish with a bucket attachment.

Buggie rough terrain forklifts can operate in basements and low-clearance areas, while masted rough terrain forklifts are perfect for lifting materials such as bricks on building sites.

13. What are hand pallet trucks?

Hand pallet trucks are small types of forklift trucks. The machines are mechanically operated by pulling and pushing using the hands of the operator. Thus, the name implies that the pallet truck is operated by bare hands. Hand pallet trucks, or pallet lifts do not run on petrol or electricity.

Hand pallet trucks are useful because they provide mechanical means of lifting, carrying and moving heavy loads and cargoes at the business premises. Hand pallet trucks can be considered a complex form of a combination of several simple machines like lever and wheel and barrows. Modern design, however has led to pallet trucks that have more functionality.

Warehouses, manufacturing sites and freight operations need hand pallet trucks to be able to attain proper operations. These businesses need such light vehicles to be able to move loads and pallets more easily and conveniently within its premises. Because space is among the principal issues regarding warehouses and manufacturing sites, hand pallet trucks are really effective and useful. WF Gordon Forklifts Melbourne recognises the need to use effective equipment to improve efficiency, boost productivity and increase mobility within business premises.

If you are in Melbourne, Victoria or surrounding areas and you are in need of hand pallet trucks, check out the available products at WF Gordon Forklifts Melbourne.

14. Forklift Licence - What Do you Need to get Licenced ?

If you are looking for forklift jobs, you must have a valid forklift licence. In Australia it is an offence to operate a forklift without a forklift licence, so if injury does occur you and your business could be liable. Employing a Forklift driver with a current Forklift licence will give you the peace-of-mind in knowing that your staff and stock are protected and secure. Forklift safety is essential so your employees must be able to competently and safely operate your Forklifts, and utilise them to the best of their ability.

For the individual, getting a Forklift licence can be a viable way to enter a new career, or become more attractive to potential employers. It gives you the ability to increase skills, perhaps receive a higher pay or earn a promotion. Once you have a forklift licence, you can then start applying for forklift jobs.

In order to train to be a forklift driver and to receive your Forklift licence, you must be 18 years of age or over. There are exemptions made by Worksafe Victoria for very exceptional circumstances, in these cases your employer must make an application.

You must pass your Forklift Licence Test to obtain your forklift licence. To do this, you must attend a Forklift Licence Course – there are many training courses offered in Victoria. Some offer one day, two day or four day programs, in which you will learn both theoretical and practical information. Your previous experience in operating a Forklift will determine which course will suit you.

An approved assessor will conduct your practical test, and also assess your theory test. Once you have passed your test, you will be granted with a ‘Notice Of Assessment’ (NOA). This enables you to apply for your forklift licence, and operate as a Forklift driver for a period of 60 days. To apply, you must submit an application form and a $60 fee to Worksafe Victoria, through your local post office. Your forklift licence will be issued, and valid for 5 years in your name.

Quick Mandatory Facts You Need To Know to apply for a forklift licence:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • Make sure you provide proof of identity
  • Complete 40 nominal hours of supervised forklift operation, recorded in a log book
  • Must have the knowledge to complete a theory test
  • Ensure you are ready to complete your practical assessment
  • Trainees under the age of 18 can undertake training on a logbook scheme, but will not be eligible for a licence assessment test until they reach the age of 18 years old
  • Must be able to read and understand English.

Please note: These regulations may change over time and you may want to check with current legislation with your local council and government bodies for the latest updates
WF Gordon Forklifts does not provide forklift jobs, forklift training or forklift licencing, however we can advise you further on your options and you are welcome to call us.

15. Is it better to rent or buy a secondhand forklift?

WF Gordon Forklifts wish to assist you in making your choice as best suits your needs and specifications. Obviously, there is no solid answer, it is a case of what works best for you and your company. WF Gordon Forklifts focuses on distributing the best and quality condition used forklifts on the market, and supplying you with the best alternatives.

Buying Used, Second-Hand and Reconditioned Forklifts

  • Advantages:
    • Buying a used Forklift can save you money in comparison to purchasing a brand new Forklift
    • A used Forklift can be considered as a major and long term asset to the company
    • Buying used forklifts would help companies trim service and operations costs
    • The Forklifts you buy would be readily available whenever your operations team may need them
    • Depending on how often you use your forklift, a well looked after forklift can last for many years
  • Disadvantages:
    • Costs on repairs and maintenance would be part of your companies expenditures
    • The Forklift may need servicing at a time when you need it most
    • Your purchased second-hand Forklift must meet all minimum standards and Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements
    • You will need to consider what happens to your second hand Forklift if your company changes and it is no longer needed

Renting Used, Second-Hand and Reconditioned Forklifts

  • Advantages:
    • Companies can avoid spending significant amounts on the repairs and services of the Forklift you have hired
    • You are able to form a budget and set aside an amount of money for your Forklift hire
    • You will not have to deal with sudden disruption from an unexpected break down as you may ask for a replacement
    • Forklifts can be added or removed from your fleet when you feel necessary
  • Disadvantages:
    • Your Forklift will need scheduled maintenance, and this may disrupt your daily schedule
    • The Forklift you hire will not become an asset to your business
    • If there is a change in your company’s location, your details will need to be changed as necessary, perhaps altering the organisation of your hired Forklift

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