Why Buy Used Forklifts

Used Forklifts: The Best Investment

If you need a superior class of forklift to take care of all the heavy lifting in your business, you needn’t compromise on quality to get a great piece of machinery at the right price.

Choosing a tough, durable and well-serviced used forklift is an excellent option – and one that has become increasingly popular among smart business owners with an eye on the bottom line.

You don’t need to buy a brand new machine to get the job done. In fact, used forklifts that have undergone regular forklift maintenance are the most popular choice across all industries globally, because they’re such a great investment.

You only have to compare the price tags of a brand new forklift and a comparable model with a couple of miles on the clock to understand the key advantage. Your company can save hundreds – if not thousands – by choosing an efficient and well-serviced used forklift, which will yield the same reliable and effective results as a new model.

Benefits of Owning a Used Forklift

The key benefits of choosing a forklift used, are:

  • The obvious price advantage. Your investment in a used forklift will stretch your company dollar further.
  • Increased quality. Because the cost of purchasing a used forklift can be as affordable as a third of the price of purchasing a new forklift, you can choose the best possible quality to meet your budget.
  • You will own your investment. Because used forklifts and forklift maintenance is so inexpensive, your company can afford to own your forklift asset outright, rather than dealing with expensive finance.

Experts in Used Forklifts

WF Gordon Forklifts is in the business of matching Australian businesses with quality used forklifts, and our clients testify to the reliability and performance of those machines. Our three-month second hand forklift warranty offers the companies we work with additional peace of mind on their investment, while our extensive knowledge and range of forklift services and forklift repairs ensures any ongoing maintenance will keep your forklift in excellent condition for many years.

Our forklift services are performed by experts, and designed to protect your investment. A secondhand forklift that is well serviced has an average life expectancy of 20 – 25 years, ensuring your machinery will stand the test of time.

A forklift should be serviced every 100-120 hours for optimum performance, so if your forklift is used regularly during the week, we recommend an inexpensive forklift maintenance service every three to four months. If your forklift is utilised for light use, such a once a week, you may need to service it only once a year, although every forklift should not go more than 12 months without a service to ensure efficiency.

Buying a used forklift makes financial sense, by offering excellent quality at an affordable price. View a selection of our used forklifts for sale online, or contact us now to discuss your business’ unique forklift needs.

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